Renewable Energy

At learning farm we use renewable energy whenever possible and can demonstrate wood heating, solar thermal and solar photo voltaic.  We also have an interest in wind energy although there are no suitable wind turbine sites at Learning Farm. 

We have two district heating systems on the farm one that heats the two farm houses, the field studies centre and a neighbours house and the other heats Manor Farm Feeds and the office complex associated with this business.  We use locally sourced woodchip with the medium term aim being that we will use wood from our woodland.  One of the back up boilers at Manor Farm Feeds is run on logs and waste wood from broken pallets. 

District heating water pipe

A solar thermal unit heats water in one of the farm houses with a 4kw solar photo voltaic unit generating electricity in the same house.  There is also a 25kw solar photo voltaic unit at Manor Farm Feeds where we estimate that we use all of the electricity that is generated on site.

        Manor Farm Chip Boiler - the firebox

Wood boiler
 The Old Byre solar thermal and PV  Learning farm_Chipping wood

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