The learning farm is an amazing place for 2-5 year olds because of the space, something that many young children do not experience at pre-school or at home.  Under guidance they can pick flowers, tree leaves, crop plants, grasses and berries which enriches the experience further.  Pond dipping is a firm favourite with most of the pre-schools that have visited and there is great excitement when a child catches something that zooms around their bucket at speed like a water boatman or dragon fly nymph. 

We fully support the Early Years Foundation Scheme guidance at  Learning Farm, working in the four key areas:

1. A unique child
2. Positive relationships
3. Enabling environments
4. Learning and development

In particular we provide a new envrionment for learning, a outdoor environment, physical development, learning through experience and making connections. 

Available activities
There are a wide range of activities that pre-school children can do including:
pond dipping
sweep netting & using pooters
leaf collecting
making dream catchers
farm walk and journey sticks
'we're going on a bear hunt'
bark and leaf rubbing
nature sculptures
hide and seek in the new woodland

and in the field studies centre.....
nature art using things collected round the farm
bird masks
flappy dragonflies
grinding wheat
crushing oil seed rape for oil

For more information download our Pre-school Teacher Pack and to discuss/book a visit contact Saya 


 preschool visit sweep netting

  preschool visit puddle splashing
  preschool visit chickens

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